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Airport crawls to normality

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KUWAIT CITY, July 17: Director General of Civil Aviation Youssef Al-Fawzan confirmed that signs of recovery at Kuwait International Airport started to show with the increase in the number of passengers and flights, as well as the opening of many stations and travel destinations that were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a press statement, Al-Fawzan attributed such development to the concerted efforts of State authorities in increasing the number of arrivals and departures. He pointed out that increasing the number of arriving passengers to 5,000 per day was made possible due to the cooperation of all entities operating at the airport to remove obstacles in front of travelers.

He affirmed the directorate has laid down an integrated plan to facilitate the movement of passengers — from entering the parking lot at the airport until they board the plane as per the health regulations. He said teams are working round the clock to serve passengers and facilitate travel procedures; indicating the number of counters has been increased, especially in the luggage and passports hall, to complete procedures for passengers. He praised the civil aviation workers and other entities operating at the airport for their efforts in laying down and implementing a plan to facilitate the movement of passengers, including the streets leading to the airport and the arrival area. He disclosed the number of passengers from July 14-24 is expected to reach 73,000 passengers on 877 flights. The number of departures will be about 55,000 passengers on 442 flights; compared to 18,000 arrivals on 435 flights.

The most popular destinations for departures are Riyadh, Istanbul, Doha, Dubai and London, he added. He also enumerated five steps taken in preparation for the summer and Eid Al-Adha holiday as follows:
1. Field plans to deal with arriving and departing passengers,
2. Opening new destinations and travel stations that were previously closed,
3. Field teams working 24 hours a day,
4. Increasing the number of counters in the luggage and passports hall,
5. Facilitating the movement of passengers from the parking lot to the aircraft.

Ready for the summer season
Al-Fawzan confirmed: “We are ready for the summer season, according to the new procedures and regulations, to serve tens of thousands of passengers and ensure the smooth movement of passengers at the airport.” Al-Fawzan called on travelers to be at the airport at least three hours before their flight and to confirm the implementation of travel procedures for departures and arrivals as per the circulars issued in this regard.

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