‘AI’ crowned Collins Word of the Year 2023

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Collins Dictionary has declared the abbreviation “AI” as the Word of the Year for 2023.

NEW YORK, Nov 1, (Agencies): Collins Dictionary has declared the abbreviation “AI” as the Word of the Year for 2023, marking its significance in the current lexicon, the dictionary publisher announced on Tuesday.

The lexicographers at Collins Dictionary noted that the use of the term “AI” had witnessed significant growth and had taken center stage in conversations throughout the year.

According to Alex Beecroft, the Managing Director of Collins, the focus on AI in 2023 has mirrored its rapid development and integration into our daily lives, akin to technologies like email and streaming that once seemed futuristic but are now part of our everyday existence.

Collins arrived at this decision by analyzing the Collins Corpus, a vast database containing more than 20 billion words sourced from written materials such as websites, newspapers, magazines, and books from around the world. The analysis also encompassed spoken language from radio, television, and everyday conversations. Additionally, new data is regularly added to the Corpus to help Collins dictionary editors identify and define new words and meanings as they emerge.

Beecroft remarked, “Monitoring the use of the word through our Collins Corpus is always intriguing, and there is no doubt that it has been the buzzword of 2023.”

Apart from “AI,” the Collins list included words like “nepo baby,” referring to the children of celebrities who achieve success in industries similar to their parents. “Greedflation,” denoting companies profiting during a cost of living crisis, and “Ulez,” the ultra-low emission zone penalizing drivers of highly polluting vehicles in London, were also highlighted.

The list further featured social media terms such as “deinfluencing” or “de-influencing,” which signifies the act of cautioning followers to avoid specific commercial products.

The Collins list noted the term “Bazball,” which gained attention during this summer’s Ashes series between England and Australia. It refers to the cricket philosophy of Brendon McCullum, a New Zealand cricketer, and coach known as “Baz,” emphasizing relaxed minds, aggressive tactics, and positive energy.

In 2022, the Word of the Year was “permacrisis,” defined as an extended period of instability and insecurity. In 2020, it was “lockdown,” and in 2016, it was “Brexit.”

This news has been read 569 times!

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