The agent of disease cannot become cure

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FROM all corners of the world, countries are now standing tough on members of ‘DAESH’ and its sympathizers — the way they stood tough on the Tartars and then the Nazis.

‘DAESH’ followers brag about spreading their atrocities which the entire humanity condemns — apart from those who have been sympathizing with them — the ones who have been sharing the same skewed ideology over the past centuries.

The entire world including the source — the Arabian Gulf Peninsula except Kuwait — have taken stringent measures against members of that inhumane and skewed ideology by banishing them from their societies, whether by expelling them or putting them in prison.

The advanced countries, which hosted them for their humanitarian traits, rejected them recently. In fact, France and Britain have stripped the nationalities of this group of people and barred them from returning to these peaceful countries where they recently wreaked havoc through killings and destruction without any consideration for innocent civilians on the streets and in gatherings.

Here we are, one of the senior fanatics in this country, a high ranking official in one of their biggest fortresses — Undersecretary of the Awqaf Ministry, telling us good news about the reinstatement of ‘DAESH’ members to our peaceful community. According to his statement, this was made possible after these members underwent rehabilitation.

Indeed, we know the answer in advance. The objective of the one who carried out this task was to benefit financially, because he also belongs to the same ideology of the one running the ministry.

He and his kind are the ones who nurtured this ideology in the first place in the minds of this bloodthirsty group which is outside religion, morality, norms and urbanization.

How could the agent of a disease be the cure at the same time? This issue is skewed, irrational and illogical.

We are saying in a loud voice to the ‘unguided’ government, to which this nonconformist ministry is affiliated, why trivialize the emotions of the relatives of 26 martyrs, as well as multiple others who sustained injuries and were handicapped in the Imam Al-Sadeq Mosque massacre? Those people were sent to the grave, wounded and handicapped by one of those you are planning to rehabilitate!!

They were the ones His Highness the Amir referred to as, “Those people are my children.” If not for that statement, you would have regarded them as criminals, while the real criminal who committed the massacre would have been regarded as a martyr who would be rewarded by Allah!!!

We understand your destructive and devious ideologies, so we don’t have a problem with ideologies based on the principle of opposing opinions. Neither of you believe in the principle a bit. However, it is unacceptable for the government to give you a free hand so that you can issue clean bill of health over the blood of innocent people in their hands, burning human beings alive, enslaving free people and children, and raping young and old people.

These actions will be recorded shamefully on the list of your non-achievements and failure in all ramifications. This is because the person who causes a sickness can turn out becoming the medicine at the same time.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli – Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 11235 times!

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