Advertisements … from where did you get this?

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All citizens and residents were surprised by the huge advertisements widespread on the main streets about the need to avoid feeding pigeons and sheltering them inside homes.

I live in a house with balconies and a swimming pool. I suffer from pigeons which are increasing in numbers in an abandoned house adjoining my house. The number of pigeons continues to increase in my open swimming pool. They drink water, relieve themselves, and even mate in front of me, and I cannot do anything to confront them because I believe in the words of God Almighty – There is a reward for every help provided to animals and birds and others that have liver.

Therefore, I was surprised by the thousands of these costly advertisements along our main streets and wondered, “Who paid thousands of dinars for such costly advertisements for something that will not be realized?” Pigeons fly, move and live freely without the need for us to provide food or water to them.

We saw huge advertisements along our main streets in which a grim fundamentalist calls for the liberation of Jerusalem. This is something that is in our hearts, as it is a holy place for every Muslim. Many countries of the Arab and Islamic world have normalized relations recently especially after the wars in which our slogan was the liberation of Palestine, including Jerusalem. However, Israel occupied twice as much of our lands in the Golan, Sinai and others.

I have mercy on my dear late father who took us with him before the Arab verbal championships. We visited Jerusalem before it was occupied by Israel, in the sixties. At that time, it was under the rule of the King of Jordan Hussein bin Abdullah, who denied our good deeds and assistance in the form of millions of dinars because of the poor financial situation of his Hashemite state, as he supported the criminal Saddam in his occupation of our dear country on the second of August, 1990.

We return to the advertisements that belong to a pampered fundamentalist association, and would like to ask about the source of the thousands of dinars that was spent calling for the liberation of Jerusalem. If you had sent them to the poor in Jerusalem and the occupied lands, that would have been more rewarding for you, if you wanted reward and not the empty show that you bothered us with on the main streets of Kuwait.

One of the established principles in civilized countries is not to publish advertisements about doctors, lawyers, engineers and prestigious universities. We were surprised to see paid advertisements in newspapers and streets worth hundreds of thousands of dinars about various universities, their levels, and the subjects taught there, etc.

It was enough to publish details for the applicants to register in those unknown universities.

We will not ask the owners of these universities where they got this money from, because hundreds of thousands spent on advertisements will be taken from the pockets of the parents of the students.

There is no strength except in Allah Almighty.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 54702 times!

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