Actress Emma Stone’s annual bid to join ‘Jeopardy!’ unveiled

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Emma Stone.

LOS ANGELES, Jan 13, (Agencies): Emma Stone is fervently eyeing a spot on Jeopardy!, expressing her longing to participate in the iconic quiz show. The 35-year-old actress reveals her annual ritual of applying every June, yet the coveted invitation has eluded her thus far.

During a conversation with senior awards editor and host Clayton Davis, Stone, the star of Poor Things, passionately shared her enthusiasm for Jeopardy! when Davis mentioned possessing a wealth of “useless facts” that might come in handy for her someday on the show.

“That’s my favorite show,” she exclaimed. “That’s my dream. You know, I apply every June. Never get [invited].”

Despite her desire, Stone emphasized her preference for the original Jeopardy! over Celebrity Jeopardy!, stating, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to go on Celebrity Jeopardy! I really wanna earn my stripes. I would like to go on real Jeopardy! But you have to take the test, and you can only take it once a year with your email address. So, every June, I take the quiz, and they don’t tell you how you did. They just say, ‘We’ll let you know in the next 9 to 12 months if you got on the show.’ And guess what? I haven’t gotten on the show.”

In the interim, Stone diligently prepares for her Jeopardy! debut like any astute individual—by watching the show nightly and keeping track of her correct answers. With her unwavering determination, Stone remains hopeful that one day she’ll have the chance to showcase her knowledge on the iconic quiz show.

This news has been read 406 times!

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