Abu Suleiman and 50K donations

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I, along with others, played a pivotal role in founding the Association for the Defense of Public Money nearly three decades ago. Upon my successful election to the Board of Directors, I took on the responsibility of serving as its inaugural treasurer. In a gesture of support, I contributed two thousand dinars to cover the association’s initial expenses, echoing the generosity shown to us by esteemed supporters at the time.

This contribution proved sufficient to sustain the association’s operations for several months, reflecting my dedication to our noble cause.


However, a troubling incident compelled me to reassess my position on the board. One day, the association’s president and another board member, the latter having served as a representative in the recently dissolved National Assembly, approached me with a check issued in my name for 50 thousand dinars.

They informed me that they had solicited this donation from a prominent individual to support the association’s financial needs.

I found their actions and approach disconcerting. I refused to accept the check, tendered my resignation, and conveyed my concerns.

I emphasized that accepting such a sizable donation, particularly from a member of the state institution, could compromise the association’s integrity. It risked creating a conflict of interest whereby the association might feel hesitant to scrutinize the benefactor’s actions regarding public funds, should the need arise in the future.

I firmly believe that maintaining the independence and impartiality of our organization is paramount. We must uphold our principles and remain steadfast in our commitment to safeguarding public funds without any external influence or compromise.

Following my resignation, the Association for the Defense of Public Money continued its operations under new leadership.

While it successfully achieved formal recognition and made some strides in its efforts, it fell short of the ambitious goals set forth by its founders and outlined in its statutes. Regrettably, to my knowledge, the association has not been as effective as hoped in uncovering instances of misuse of public funds over the past two decades.

Furthermore, it appears that the association has not developed a comprehensive program for the preservation of public funds, complete with a well-defined action plan and timeline.

There has also been a lack of initiatives aimed at disseminating the culture of safeguarding public funds through specialized training or awareness campaigns conducted by the association.

However, there remains hope that the association will evolve and improve in the future. It is imperative that it redoubles its efforts to fulfill its mission and enhance its effectiveness in protecting public funds.

With concerted action and a renewed commitment to its founding principles, the association can play a pivotal role in promoting transparency, accountability, and responsible stewardship of public resources.

As the number of individuals seeking assistance with financial and health challenges grew, many voiced frustrations about discriminatory practices by certain charitable organizations based on religion and sect.

Feeling disheartened by the lack of change, I took action in early 2018 by publishing an article offering to donate fifty thousand dinars to establish a non-profit, non-affiliated charitable organization dedicated to assisting those overlooked by other associations.

Shortly after the article’s publication, I received a call from Yahya Al-Bassam, a respected figure in the community, expressing interest in discussing the matter further. Recognizing his seniority, I agreed to meet with him.

During our meeting, Mr. Al-Bassam, accompanied by his son Sulaiman Al-Bassam, the international director, presented a donation of fifty thousand dinars. Grateful for his trust and generosity, I initially declined the donation, as the association had yet to be established. However, I gladly accepted the donation once the organization was officially formed.

With time, Mr. Al-Bassam, affectionately known as “Abu Suleiman,” became one of the association’s most significant benefactors. His initial phone call and generous contribution marked a pivotal moment, not only in my life but also in the lives of the countless individuals who received impartial assistance from the association, devoid of personal or material gain. His support helped transform the organization into a beacon of hope for those in need.

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By Ahmed alsarraf

This news has been read 1296 times!

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