Absconding case “Surrender yourself the law will be lenient “

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I just want to get some legal advice because my absconding case is at a dead end… it can’t be cancelled and I have found out that there is no other way for me to solve the problem, other than to wait for amnesty or surrender to the police and be deported.

Okay I accept that now, and I am looking for an opportunity in Dubai, so if I surrender and am deported, will I be allowed to travel directly to Dubai or must I go back to my country of origin?

Name withheld
Answer: Unfortunately, the laws on absconding cases totally favor the sponsor, even if the employee is right…he will be punished because the sponsor has filed an absconding case against him. The only way out of this situation is an amnesty, although there are no signs of it so far on the horizon. If you are deported it will be to your country of origin and not to any other place.

Please remember that once you surrender yourself the law will be lenient on you and “could” allow you to return after a year but if you are arrested and deported you will never be allowed to come back to Kuwait

This news has been read 20543 times!

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