Abandoned vehicles used as private housing, stores

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Traffic Dept conducts raid in Friday Market

KUWAIT CITY, June 16: The General Traffic Department was shocked to find out that the ‘abandoned vehicles’ at the Friday market served as homes and stores and no one knew what was inside, goods, drugs, or contraband? This poses a threat to the security system, reports Al-Rai daily. This phenomenon necessitated a security campaign launched by the Technical Inspection Department if the General Traffic Department at dawn today, on the dilapidated half-lorry transport vehicles in the market, as the entire entrances and exits of the area and the roads leading to the market were cordoned off.

GTD inspectors at the Friday Market.

Director of the Technical Inspection Department, Colonel Mishaal Al-Suwaiji, told a local Arabic that a block has been placed on the owners of these vehicles, and all vehicles will be presented to the Technical Inspection Department, to ensure how they pass the technical examination, renew driving licenses, and take legal action against those found in violation of the law, whoever inspected the vehicle. The violator will not be able to renew or pay the violation, unless his vehicle is presented to the competent committee.

Al-Suwaiji stressed that there should be no tolerance with dilapidated vehicles, which pose a danger to the lives of other drivers and property since they lack the durability conditions and their uncivilized appearance and cause environmental pollution and smoke emission. He expressed his regret to see these transport vehicles, ‘Half Lorry’ and buses, looking like a closed boxes, parked in the parking lots of the Friday market, and this poses a threat to the security system, because “we do not know what is inside, whether goods, drugs or prohibited items, and this matter will not be allowed.”

Al-Suwaiji stressed, “Strict measures were taken against abandoned vehicles, which were turned into warehouses for goods, until it came to the point that some workers used these vehicles as private housing. The campaign lasted for about 4 hours, starting from 4:00 until 8:00 am and resulted in the issuance of 540 direct violations and 178 administrative. The violations varied between the durability of vehicles, expiry of driving licenses, expiry of insurance book, and some vehicles had been turned into bedrooms for workers.

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