A tribute to Ambassador Claire Le Flecher: enhancing bonds between France & Kuwait

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As Claire Le Flecher’s tenure as the French Ambassador to Kuwait comes to an end, it is fitting to reflect on her significant contributions and celebrate the deepening of the Franco-Kuwaiti relationship under her leadership. Appointed in late 2021, Le Flecher has worked tirelessly to enhance diplomatic, economic, cultural, and educational ties between the two nations, leaving a lasting legacy.

From the outset, Ambassador Le Flecher prioritized strategic dialogues at the highest levels. Her efforts were instrumental in elevating the France-Kuwait Strategic Dialogue to a ministerial level, with the first meeting held in 2022. This ensured that key dimensions of bilateral relations, including trade, investment, and cooperation, were addressed comprehensively. This dialogue facilitated increased French exports to Kuwait, ranging from aeroplanes and electrical materials to luxury fashion items, and bolstered Kuwaiti investments in France.

One of the hallmark initiatives of Le Flecher’s tenure was the launch of the France-Kuwait Friendship Society in 2023. Aimed at gathering private actors and civil society from both countries, this society is presided over by Mohamed Al Sager from the Kuwaiti side and Mrs. Dominique Sénéquié from the French side. This initiative has significantly strengthened the sociocultural and economic bonds between the two nations.

Le Flecher’s tenure saw a significant enhancement in educational and cultural exchanges. Recognizing the importance of cultural diplomacy, she actively promoted French language education in Kuwait, with French becoming the second foreign language taught in Kuwaiti secondary schools. Her initiatives to increase Kuwaiti student mobility to France have opened new avenues for academic collaboration and cross-cultural understanding.

Ambassador Le Flecher has also made notable strides in increasing the activity of the Francophonie in Kuwait. She promoted the idea that Kuwait could join the Francophonie organization and established monthly Francophone diwaniyas to further this cause. Additionally, she distinguished herself as the ambassador who visited the most diwaniyas during Ramadan, with 113 visits in 2024 alone. She also opened a Ladies Diwaniya on Wednesdays, fostering greater inclusivity and cultural exchange.

Economic cooperation was another cornerstone of Le Flecher’s ambassadorship. She played a pivotal role in facilitating key commercial deals, such as the delivery of Airbus aircraft to Kuwait Airways. This move not only enhanced trade but also underscored the robust economic partnership between France and Kuwait. Furthermore, Le Flecher’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions saw French companies collaborating with Kuwaiti entities in the fields of hydrogen production and solar generation, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Ambassador Le Flecher placed a strong emphasis on military cooperation. This included high level exchanges between senior military authorities, training, and military exercises such as Pearl of the West. The 1992 defence agreement between France and Kuwait, the oldest in the Gulf region, has cemented a unique bond following the liberation of Kuwait in 1991-1992. Ambassador Le Flecher reaffirmed France’s commitment to continuing and developing this crucial defence relationship.

As Ambassador Claire Le Flecher departs, her legacy of strengthened bilateral relations, increased cultural and educational exchanges, and robust economic and military cooperation will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of Franco-Kuwaiti ties. Her dedication and achievements serve as a beacon of effective diplomacy and international friendship.

By Nasser Al-Hajeri

This news has been read 892 times!

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