A study on challenges faced by Kuwait University students

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KUWAIT CITY, May 9: A field study, which diagnosed the psychological and scientific challenges faced by Kuwait University students, shed light on their causes and ways to address them. It concluded with nine basic recommendations, including establishing a mental health clinic in the university, and developing the teaching methods, reports Al-Rai daily.

The study, which is titled “Some Psychological and Scientific Problems among Kuwait University Students” and conducted by the Center for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies, concluded that there are ten psychological problems faced by the students, most notably anxiety, insomnia, fear of the future, inability to make decisions, and psychological pressures. There are also 11 scientific problems, most notably the lack of knowledge of some faculty members about effective teaching strategies, monopolization of university courses by some, the high student density, few people who actually study, and the absence of the role of an academic advisor.

Among the most prominent recommendations concluded by the study is the necessity for establishing a mental health clinic at the university, solving the problem of the pupils, training professors on effective teaching methods, preparing psychological counseling programs for students to deal with the long-term psychological effects of the pandemic, urging professors to focus on curricula based on creative and critical thinking, avoiding indoctrination and memorization, and evaluating teachers according to an objective standard scale that is actually taken into account.

The aim of the study is to reveal the problems that students face from their point of view so that they can be addressed by developing strategic plans, and to improve the quality of academic education, develop indicative preventive programs, and provide research data that can be used in conducting further research.

This news has been read 21155 times!

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