A look into ‘Haiya and Her Daughters’ series

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… a social drama close to the lives of ordinary people

KUWAIT CITY, May 3: The series, “Haiya and Her Daughters,” is a social drama close to the lives of ordinary people and their daily problems

The series tackles good issues like the parameters of freedom and integrity of the press, and how the media is exploited through hypocrisy and abuse. However, it lacks a new event that gives special and exciting shape to the plot; considering all the dialogues were heard in similar works earlier and in almost the same manner.

From the beginning, the series missed the most important element of dramatic distinction — the ‘new event’ and at least one new idea. Although the scenario is properly constructed and the dialogues are close to the ear and the heart; there is repetition in all scenes, some of which are long enough to provoke extreme boredom.

The successful element that deserves to be mentioned in the work is the effort exerted by the actresses who play the main characters led by Bassima Hamadeh in the starring role as the mother of the character ‘Hayia’, which she presents emotionally and spontaneously.

Her daughters are Sheikha (Hind Al Balushi) who plays the role of the older sister and is a nurse, Reem (Reem Rahma) who plays a young painter suffering from permanent disability as a result of a road accident, Sarah (Iman Faisal) who plays the role of a courageous journalist, and the two youngest sisters — Mashael and Anfal who are twins played by Samoud, each with a very different personality. In this general framework, the events accompanied with poor directing towards the almost complete absence of complex artistic footage with constantly rigid crew proceed; up to the point the audience feel that in a large number of scenes, they witness the transfer of a reality television program in which the conversation takes place between a group of people and the camera suffices to record whatever is going on! The series is written and composed by Muhammad Adnan Al- Rubaian with Khaled Radi Al-Fadhli as director.

This news has been read 13339 times!

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