A liberal reading of the election results

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The results of the parliamentary elections were disastrous, and their output look like a poorly painted oil painting within a beautiful frame of two sides, symbolizing Jenan Ramadan and Alia Al-Khaled.

The painting, or the people’s choices, do not seem to be in harmony with the state’s “tired” condition, nor does it harmonize with our backwardness, and it does not inevitably meet our urgent need for a series of modern laws, its outputs will meet what suits a psyche that is depressing by nature, miserable with the faces of its owners, backwards in its strictness, and far from the spirit of the age as if it dates back to the era of greed and dust.

Since the enlightened Abdulaziz Hussein left education, its condition is in constant decline, it reached its climax with successive governments, starting in 1967, allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to control the minds of young people through “changing the curricula” in partial cooperation with the Salafis, and the result was, after half century, and more than 25 billion dinars spent, we see miserable electoral outcomes. The priorities of the majority of parliamentarians are confined to the interests of their sect, family, clan and tribe, and there is no consolation for a homeland that bleeds during it, as a result of ignorance and backwardness.

After sixty years of democracy, sixty years of patriotic songs, and the so many attempts to instill a love for Kuwait in hearts, we ended up with a parliament that is the most fragmented in its sectarian, tribal, regional and family divisions, and every group has an Amir or sheikh with a special flag and dances that distinguish them.

All the efforts of the ministries of education, information and others were wasted, and the voters’ choices ended for a National Assembly whose main character is “sectarian, tribal, and fundamentalist” par excellence.

It is devoid of national faces, whether from the descendants of councils pre-independence, or from the descendants of the first generation, and this means that the government coalition was, or will be, with groups most of them opportunistic, and their loyalty will be mostly to their masters , in addition to the fact that the new Assembly is almost devoid of parliamentary expertise in the economy, housing, health and education, and even if they exist, this is not in  their council, but the council of the owners of the “values document”, and who will ally with them, and how many of them, and these have their priorities that precede the priorities of others, and their oath on them, and their hidden desires, will lead us and the homeland to further backwardness and loss.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

“We are working to achieve in this renaissance of ours in a quarter of a century what others achieved in ten centuries!”

– Abdul Aziz Hussein Al-Tarkit

This news has been read 57709 times!

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