Sunday , September 24 2023

700 vacancies for new graduates, experienced Kuwaitis in oil sector

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 4: In a step that represents an important event for many Kuwaiti youths, Al-Rai learned that the CEO of the Petroleum Corporation, Sheikh Nawaf Saud Al-Sabah directed the human resources sector and oil companies to study the exclusion of Kuwaitis who obtained specialized oil certificates from the “insurance” condition, which stipulates that the graduate should not be registered with the Public Institute for Social Security either as an insured employee or an employer, reports Al- Rai daily.

The sources stated that this step restores hopes in young people who have obtained specialized certificates in the oil sector and were previously unsuccessful in working in their field of specialization, forcing them to work in non-specialized institutions, indicating that the decision aims to rely on the national competencies of specialists and confirms the principle of professionalism and specialization.

The sources indicated that the inventory of oil vacancies is currently in its final stages, with Al-Saud directing the transfer of job vacancies from companies to the Kuwait Oil Company to achieve maximum benefit and appoint Kuwaiti youth, noting that the oil sector is preparing to announce about 700 vacancies for Kuwaiti youth in stages and according to an organized plan that has been prepared

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