700 Filipinos Deported: Embassy-Supported or Self-Funded Departures

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KUWAIT CITY, July 20: Approximately 700 Filipino men and women from the community have been deported back to their country within a span of three months. These deportations were carried out at the expense of the individuals themselves or at the expense of their embassy, without burdening the sponsors with the cost of airline tickets.

Security sources have revealed a significant decline in the number of Filipino workers attempting to escape, particularly after the closure of their country’s embassy shelter. Previously, many workers resorted to illegal means that violated the host country’s laws.

Following the arrest of 500 Filipino workers who were seeking refuge in the embassy’s shelter, they were deported back to their home country through the General Department of Deportation. Some 130 individuals were detained in a government shelter center due to various travel restrictions. These restrictions were often related to pending court complaints, such as theft from sponsors’ houses or ongoing financial cases against the workers.

Over the course of three months, around 700 members of the Filipino community were deported, and sponsors were not charged for their airline tickets, which could amount to a considerable sum ranging between 250 and 350 dinars, reports Al Rai. This measure taken by the Ministry of Interior aimed to address the issue of injustice on sponsors, as many workers absconded before fulfilling the terms of their employment contracts. Consequently, the Ministry decided that runaway workers should bear the cost of their travel tickets, or the embassy would collect the ticket value from them. Otherwise, the violators would remain in deportation prison.

This news has been read 22943 times!

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