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7 MPs and the groom of Bill Gates daughter

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It is said that Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, responded to a question when asked why his daughter should not be allowed to marry a poor man, as saying wealth does not mean having a huge amount, but rather the ability to create it, keep it and grow it.

The one who wins a big lottery is not rich, he is poor but he has a lot of money, and that is why 90% of lottery winners return to becoming poor after no more than five years (the best evidence is what happened to many rich people in the stock exchange in Kuwait).

Also, most entrepreneurs did not own money in the first place, but were on the way to making wealth, because they had the ability to develop their financial intelligence and this is the real wealth.

The difference between rich and poor is simply that the rich die in order to get rich, while the poor can kill to get rich. Whoever learns to become rich often reaches his goal, and whoever believes that the problem lies in the state, and that the rich are all thieves, and constantly criticizes them, is poor and unable to achieve wealth, and inability is not a defect as long as man knows and accepts it.

The rich are convinced that they only need information and training to get started, while the poor believe they need a great deal of luck, and that others should give them money to get started. (This is what I was facing with some of the employees who were working under me, as some were asking for an increase in their salaries in order to make more effort in their work).

Therefore, when Gates says that he will not allow his daughter to marry a poor man, he is not talking about money, but about the inability to create wealth. He also believes that most fraudsters and criminals are destitute who did not accept the reality of their inability to create money, so they deviated to make wealth.

When they see money they lose their senses, because they are unable to earn it in a correct manner, and since human capabilities are different, and not everyone has the capabilities of a writer, artist, mathematician, or scientist, it is obvious that no one has the ability to create wealth.

As a more than clear example of the validity of the statement attributed to Gates, seven MPs submitted a request to approve ten requests, some of which are due, in the next parliament session, including:

1 – Distributing a percentage of the profits of the Public Institution for Social Security to the retired annually.

2 – Amendments related to the housing issue and credit bank financing.

3 – Dropping the interests of citizens’ loans, and returning the interests that have been collected.

These proposals, in my opinion, are nothing but a clear road map for declaring the state’s financial and moral bankruptcy, and evidence that money cannot be handed over to fools to manage it. If that happens, all state funds will inevitably be lost.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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