‘62% of juveniles in adult care homes delinquents again

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 19: A report by the Audit Bureau showed that 62% of the juveniles, who were embraced by care homes and received a degree of social, psychological and educational care that qualifies them to return to society again as good individuals, returned to delinquency during the past three years, and committed crimes and violations punishable by law, reports Al-Qabas daily. The report, of which the daily received a copy of, revealed many behavioral deviations of these juveniles, including drug possession not to mention the bloody quarrels and aggression against others.

The report indicated that there is waste in the financial spending directed as subsidies to ‘foster children’ over the age of 30. The Audit Bureau issued a report related to monitoring and evaluating the efficiency of the performance of the social welfare sector in the Ministry of Social Affairs, especially family custody and juvenile care and some special observations on juveniles who return to delinquency, in addition to monitoring a group of violations of public funds and behavioral deviations for a group of foster children over 25 years old.

The report indicated that 139 of the juveniles returned to delinquency again, despite being held in care homes, pending a new case or multiple and recurring cases, after they received a degree of social, psychological and educational care that qualifies them to return to society again as good individuals, indicating that the percentage of these recidivism during the aforementioned years was 62 percent.

The report revealed that young people from care homes, over the age of 25, had gotten out of control, and there are 13 who live in the ‘Hawalli 3 Building’, upon a decision issued by the Undersecretary for Social Affairs to evacuate, but it was not possible to remove them from the building because they obtained a ruling from the Court of Cassation, in addition to the “Fatwa and Legislation” did not receive a response until the date of writing the report regarding their legal status.

The Court pointed out that “the repeated violation of the law by those present in Hawalli 3, assaulting others, allowing bedoun to reside inside the house, the presence of young girls, possession of drugs and bloody quarrels with others, which forces the administration to attend due to its previous mandate over them, or to be summoned to provide statements to the authorities.

The report stated that there is waste in disbursing subsidies to those over 30 years old, as the Ministry of Affairs continues to provide services and financial subsidies to them in the age group that exceeds 30 years or more, and their number is 44 people, who receive monthly financial benefits of 559 dinars for each one, in addition to housing and other services.

This news has been read 11453 times!

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