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5 men and a woman arrested on Kuwait airport

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 27: Customs inspectors at T4 and T5 airport have foiled 6 new attempts to smuggle drugs in Kuwait. Customs officers arrested six smugglers, who are of different nationalities, including a woman, and the narcotic drugs seized in their possession, which are cannabis of liquid smuggled in capsules, marijuana, alcohol and narcotic pills namely Tramadol report Al Anba.

They were reffered to competent authorities in the Ministry of Interior to complete further investigations with 6 arrested individuals, who came to Kuwait by air from Asian, Western and Arab countries.

The T4 customs officers suspected that 3 travelers from western countries had searched and seized two glass tubes of hashish liquid, 50 capsules in the first baggage, 9 in the second baggage, and 4 capsules in the third.

At T5 airport, the three passengers were arrested, including a woman, one of whom was coming from an Arab country with 420 Tramadol pills, and a passenger coming from a European country with a quantity of marijuana, and a third passenger with miniature liquor bottles and marijuana.

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