4 classes in society? Billboards ‘useless’

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A beneficiary and a group of sponsors posted a huge billboard on various streets, which read:

‘She is not … a lesbian … I am a woman … and she is homosexual’

He is not … gay … I am a man … he is homosexual’

This means that there are four classes in society, men and women, gays and lesbians.

I do not need to defend myself and my opinions, as I am a liberal and what I believe in the core issues and basic principles has not changed for more than half a century, and whoever knows me undoubtedly knows that about me. Also, the age I have now reached, and my social, family, and financial situation make me not needing hypocrisy or empty hypocrisy for anyone.

I repeat and I repeat, I am neither for homosexuality nor against it, and I have never promoted it, and I do not know a homosexual person with full knowledge, in order to understand the way such people think, but I am a knowledgeable person and I can assert that homosexuality will remain because they deserve or do not deserve to act on their will, but because this is the rule of reality, since the dawn of history, whether we like it or not.

Therefore, saying that so-and-so is for or against homosexuality is exactly like saying that so-and-so is for or against blind people. There is a percentage of people born like this, and I am concerned, humanely and logically with the fate of these people and the injustice they are exposed to, and I have not heard, seen, or read a respectable opinion from a sane person about the best way we should act towards these people.

Will killing and uprooting them end the problem, once and for all? The answer is no, of course, and this has been proven throughout history, as others will be born. Is imprisoning them, and forcing them to pay fines because their voices are different from what they should be, will eradicate homosexuality?

The elimination of what some people think are negative phenomena is not done by planting provocative billboards in the streets, from which some benefit, at the expense of the naivety of others, but by thinking in a more positive way.

Among those whom society has been criminalizing and seeking to annihilate, there is a group that needs psychological treatment, and a group that needs surgical intervention, and all the billboards of the world will not benefit them or eliminate their existence.

*     *     *

In an article by Mubarak Al-Duwailah (Al-Qabas 12/13), the following text was mentioned:

“Yesterday, the US State Department issued a statement denouncing the issuance of a decision in Indonesia criminalizing homosexuals, and calling for the decision to be cancelled.”

This is not true, and yesterday, neither Indonesia nor anyone else issued a decision criminalizing homosexuals. This is only an illustration of what was published, not a defense or attack on any party.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 62756 times!

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