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Saturday , November 26 2022

3,500 Expats in Kuwait waiting for tickets in deportation centers

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 22: The Ministry of Interior is facing a major challenge with the increasing number of expats who are in deportation centers. Currently their number has reached 3,500. They cannot leave as one of the companies contracts with the ministry has expired.

The contract expired in mid August and its renewal is still under process at the financial department of the Ministry of Interior which is waiting for approval. The deportation department no longer receives any deportees without an air ticket.

The continuous security campaigns have led to an increase in the number of violators being arrested. The company which is responsible for deportees tickets, generally collects the amount from the sponsor since the contract is not renewed it is not possible to carry on their duties of collecting tickets except for those who pay for their own tickets. Currently 1,300 are in deportation centers, 1,500 in security directorates and police stations, 400 in residence investigation departments, 200 in criminal investigation and 100 in Drug Enforcement Department.

Their presence in detention centers require additional budget in providing food, water, medical care etc.

The sources stated that currently the deportees can pay for their own ticket and leave the country, while those who cannot pay are waiting in prison until the contract is signed between the company and the ministry, reports Al Rai. In the past when a contract was valid, any arrests were made, they were deported immediately and sponsors used to pay the ticket value or their accounts were frozen till they had paid the value of the ticket.

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