30 violations issued and 25 abandoned cars dealt with in Capital

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Abandoned vehicles are being removed in the Capital Governorate.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 14: The latest inspection initiative conducted by the Capital Municipality Branch’s Public Cleanliness and Road Occupations Department covered all governorate areas, resulting in the removal of 25 abandoned vehicles, the issuance of 30 violations, and the affixing of 100 stickers on abandoned cars for subsequent removal after the specified grace period.

Saad Al-Kharing, the Director of the Public Cleanliness and Road Occupations Department in the Governorate Municipality Branch, clarified that the purpose of these rigorous field inspections is to identify and address negative practices by taking appropriate legal actions against offenders. He emphasized the team’s commitment to enhancing cleanliness levels in their jurisdiction, eliminating visual disturbances, and ensuring unobstructed roads across all areas. Al-Kharing highlighted ongoing efforts, including field tours, to maintain the aesthetic appeal and civic order of the governorate.

Additionally, he mentioned that awareness posters will be distributed, and field campaigns will persist throughout January, further reinforcing the commitment to a clean and orderly environment.

This news has been read 595 times!

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