3 Million Dinars Dedicated Housing Female Teachers

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 20: The Ministry of Finance has granted approval to the Ministry of Education’s request for a one-year extension of lease contracts for teachers’ housing in various educational areas. The approved amount for this extension is 3,205,440 dinars, covering 23 buildings, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In response to the request of the Ministry of Education’s, the Ministry of Finance said it is committed to taking necessary steps to fulfill the requirements within the allocated amount, ensuring compliance with the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) Law.

The ministry emphasized the need to obtain approvals from the Audit Bureau, the Fatwa and Legislation Department, and CAPT. It was also emphasized that maintenance work for the buildings is the owner’s responsibility, and furnishings should meet standard specifications.

Furthermore, the Finance Ministry has approved the renewal of contracts for 20 private Arab, model, and foreign schools built on state property for a duration of one year. Additionally, there is no objection to renewing licenses for private schools whose contracts have expired, also for a period of one year, pending the completion of contract renewal negotiations based on new rental values.

The Ministry of Education has also sought Finance’s approval for a project involving the design, licensing, implementation, and construction of buildings and facilities, including classrooms and related amenities, in a turnkey system at “Hawally Educational Center.” The estimated cost for this project is 975,000 dinars for 365 days. Finance has sought further details on the project to facilitate a comprehensive study and appropriate decision-making.

Acting Undersecretary of Education, Osama Al-Sultan, emphasized the importance of maintaining the general appearance of existing flags in all educational institutions. He urged regular replacement of damaged flags to ensure a positive appearance.

The Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education, Anwar Al-Hamdan, has instructed general directors of educational, religious, and special education regions to coordinate with school principals in cleaning and washing water tanks. Additionally, they are to replace water cooler filters to maintain water quality and ensure the well-being of students, educational and administrative staff, and users of school buildings.

This news has been read 2893 times!

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