4 Expats Face Hard Labor for Adultery and Incestuous Pregnancy!

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: The Criminal Court sentenced two expatriates – a man and a woman – to three-year imprisonment with hard labor on charges of adultery and abortion. It sentenced another individual to two years imprisonment for selling abortion pills. The court also sentenced a building guard to one year imprisonment for digging a grave and burying the fetuses of the first and second defendants in the backyard of a building in Farwaniya.

The first defendant was charged with selling abortion pills to his friend (the second defendant) who had asked for his help to abort the fetus of his wife. The second defendant then presented the pills to his wife (the third defendant) to abort the fetus she had carried in her womb for seven months. After aborting the fetus, the second and third defendants buried it in the backyard of the building where they live in Farwaniya. When their friend (the informant) learned that her friend had purchased abortion pills from her husband, aborted her fetus, and buried it in the backyard of her building, she informed the police.

Immediately, the detectives conducted secret investigations and found out that the second and third defendants were married in a common law contract, and she was pregnant and had miscarried. The Public Prosecution was notified, the grave behind the building was dug up, and the fetus was retrieved, after which the couple was arrested.

After conducting a DNA test on the fetus, it was discovered that the first defendant was the father, and the third defendant had cheated on her husband and became pregnant. Confronting the third suspect, she admitted to aborting her fetus with the help of her husband, and that he had decided to do so because of his intense love for her after she insisted but without knowing that the fetus belonged to his friend.

She said she had been married to her husband for six years and was in love with him, but his friend managed to play with her mind and seduce her into committing adultery with him. She said, “I became pregnant, and my husband bought abortion pills from that man, without knowing that the fetus was his friend’s and not his.” When the husband (second defendant) was confronted with this information, he admitted what was attributed to him, but was shocked to know that the fetus was not his, but of his special friend who had betrayed him with his wife.

This news has been read 3639 times!

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