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A video went viral of Dr. Eng. Bashar Habib Muhammad Ahmadi taking the oath, a new member of the Capital Secretariat of Bahrain, as his pronunciation of the words of the oath was marked by clear Persian dialect and that was enough to make the tweeters and followers mock, without looking at the man’s scientific background, and the reason for his inability to pronounce the words of the oath as they desire, it was an opportunity to slapping and mocking him and others.

Some also expressed their regret over the Kingdom of Bahrain, due to the presence of people like him in the secretariat, and of course the way he pronounced the words during oath-taking, and not his bad conduct, or the falsity of his academic degrees. Some expressed their sorrow at the dark fate that awaits Bahrain with his presence and prayed that God would help the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr. Bashar was born in Muharraq in Bahrain, and from a well-known Arab family. He lived since his childhood in the West, where he was educated, and previously held the position of Director of the University of Bahrain.

Such incidents show the extent to which hatred is deep-rooted in the hearts of some, and often for no logical or acceptable reason.

The same people will mock even if the country grants citizenship to the most prominent physicist of European origin, for example, and it turned out during his oath-taking that he is unable to pronounce the words as they desire.

How many racists and how little understanding among us.

One of these people, who puts the meaningless word Dr in front of his name, sent a tweet in which he mocked Western civilization and its claims of humanity because a group of Belgian citizens assaulted their compatriots, of Moroccan origin, as soon as they learned of the defeat of their football team from Morocco.

For the knowledge of this doctor, the phenomenon of mobs and riots is most visible among football fans, and there is nothing comparable to it or its violence in any other sport, and therefore it is absurd to judge the entire civilization of Europe through the actions of savages or mobs in the street.

As for the humanity over which he laments, he himself was not supposed to touch on this subject. These countries, which we called inhumane, are the ones that gave millions of Arab refugees, Muslims, and the homeless, hope, shelter, food, and work, on the day that his family, brothers, and all Arabs refused to receive even one Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi, or Afghan family.

The third tweet is related to the large and sudden increase in traffic violations, especially speeding, as it amounted to 6062 violations in four days, and on only one road in Kuwait.

This reminded me of an old American joke, in which a man tells his friends that the days of goodness and cheap prices are over and will never return.

He said his mother used to give him a dollar to buy some of her orders from the neighborhood grocery, and he would come home with chocolates, cigarette packs, soft drinks, and several bundles of bread and a few cents left.

He added that those days are over, and the prices have become unbearable, after the grocery store owner installed surveillance cameras.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 32521 times!

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