2023’s odd divorce saga: Court Waves off Wife’s PlayStation Gripes

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: In an unusual divorce case of the year 2023, the Personal Status Court dismissed a woman’s plea for divorce, which was based on her claim that her husband’s excessive addiction to a PlayStation game was disrupting their marital harmony. The court deemed her request invalid and requested further clarification from the wife.

Court dismisses divorce claim over PlayStation addiction, backs husband’s commitment.

The husband’s legal representative, Hawraa Al-Habib, presented the defense before the court, asserting verbally that divorce should only be granted under circumstances where continuing married life becomes untenable. She emphasized that her client had not committed any acts of betrayal, was not financially stingy, displayed no cruelty towards his spouse, and was not neglectful of his legal obligations.

Al-Habib further stated, “We support separation if it serves the best interests of both parties. However, my client wishes to continue his married life. The grounds cited by the wife lack the substance required for a reasonable and logical basis for separation.”

Following the dismissal of the wife’s lawsuit, the court affirmed that the presented reason was insufficient to warrant a divorce. Consequently, the court ruled in favor of the husband, acknowledging his commitment to fulfilling the essential aspects of married life with his partner. The court concluded that the wife’s concerns did not meet the criteria necessary for legal separation, thus allowing the husband to pursue his desire to sustain his marital relationship.

This news has been read 1756 times!

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