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Monday , January 24 2022

2 Syrians reenact slaying of Kuwaitis


KUWAIT CITY, March 17: The two Syrians who are accused of killing the two Kuwaitis in Lebanon returned to the crime scene in a Mount Lebanon town Wednesday to reenact the crimes, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The men are identified as Ammar Ahmed Rajab, 41, and his compatriot Samir Wahid Mustafa, 39. Rajab who works as a gatekeeper said he planned to kill the two men Hussein Mohammed Hussein Nabil Nassar and Nabil Ghareeb in cooperation with Samir at dawn Tuesday. He added when he went to the bedroom through the main door since he had the keys to the door and woke up Samir to help him. He was armed with a hammer weighing two kilos. Before entering the bedroom, Rajab said he cut off the electric supply and hit Hussein Nassar with the hammer and left in the belief he had died from the blow. “When I returned again, I saw him bleeding and sitting on a chair and I asked Samir to hit the man again if he was still alive.”

He added, “I then went to the next room where Nabil Ghareeb was sleeping. I hit him three times, then I returned to the room of Nassar and hit him two times.” He went on to say, “there was nothing much to steal and I left the bloodsplattered room with two cellphones and wallet containing 350 dollars and some special purposes.”

“I gave the stolen items to Samir and walked out of the room with the hammer. We, both of us sat on the staircase and smoked cigarettes,” he said. Samir also confessed to sharing the loot and Rajab then asked him to leave for Beirut and he himself followed him later. He went on to say he returned to the scene of the crime to bury the two corpses in the garden of the building to mislead the media and claim the men had been kidnapped.

He added, after committing the crime, he dug a small hole but could not continue because the news had spread like wild fi re. He also said the main purpose of the crime was theft. For his part, Kuwaiti consul in Beirut Mohammed Al-Wuqayan said, he was invited by the investigating magistrate to witness the re-enactment of the crime by the two suspects. Meanwhile, Khaled Abu Al-Banat, the brother of the Kuwaiti victim who was killed in Lebanon, was recently quoted as saying his brother’s death in this manner was a disaster for the whole family, reports Al-Qabas daily.

He added, the culprits should be extradited to Kuwait to be tried here and given the capital punishment. Speaking at the new Jaafari Husseiniya in Sharq, Khalid told those who offered him sympathies on the demise of his brother said his 51-year-old brother was killed by a three-man gang inside his apartment in Burj Al-Hmoud. He was a bachelor and served the Kuwait Municipality for seven years in the capacity of engineer.

Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al- Jarallah Wednesday reiterated warning to citizens not to travel to Lebanon, and for those in the country to leave immediately. He His remarks Three Kuwaiti citizens were killed in less than a week recently in Lebanon.

Al-Jarallah regretted the murder of the three citizens in less than a week-time “which shows that the friendly country is experiencing critical and difficult circumstances.” He was speaking on sidelines of the first conference of the citizenship and development society. Al-Jarallah said all “signs show that theft motives were behind those crimes.”

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