$1billion invested annually by drug trafficking gangs – Dealers target rich people

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KUWAIT CITY, March 19: The General Secretariat of Arab Union for the Prevention of Addiction said that drug gangs invest about one billion dollars annually in drug trade around the world, and that the Arab countries, especially the rich are targeted by drug dealers. The Secretary General of the Federation, Dr. Khaled Al-Saleh, said during the practical workshop that the Federation held on Sunday, on ‘brain programming in communication and its relationship to addiction’ that brain programming is one of the most important methods of drug gangs and institutions that run this deadly scourge.

Al-Saleh added that these institutions are working to provide information in the media and social circles to ensure that it is entered using the science of brain programming to reduce the risks of drugs and their adoption as a socially acceptable behavior. He pointed out that the research that was presented during the workshop reviewed the methods that are used in brainwashing, including differentiating between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, exploiting information and benefiting from publishing information in injecting the minds of young people with information that is stored in the subconscious, which ultimately controls the behavior of young people and pushes them to try drug abuse and then fall into the clutches of addiction.

For her part, the psychological consultant, Nadia Al-Obeidi, revealed the importance of adopting neuro-linguistic programming to reverse these at tempts and revive the optimistic, rational and logical thinking pattern in order to repel the electronic attacks that threaten the society which aims to plant information among young people. In her turn, Dr. Hessa Al-Shaheen, the union’s international relations official, explained the role of the family in the Arab and Kuwaiti society in knowing the methods used to control the minds of children and youth.

The most important of which is the addiction that has spread among young people and reached children who are alone with the means of communication and the control of these electronic attacks on their minds. For her part, specialist in media and entertainment development, Dr. Ghanima Al-Othman, explained the exploitation of drug gangs for entertainment means to become a means of attracting young people to use, stressing that the state should adopt entertainment which is consistent with the spirit of Islam, and one of its most important signs is warning against controlling the minds of young people and directing them to dangerous paths, especially drugs.

The workshop, which was held in cooperation with the Association of Sociologists, recommended addressing officials in the Ministries of Information, Education and Social Affairs to pay attention to research and studies to assess the Kuwaiti reality on the issue of social media and the evaluation of these messages and their impact on young people. She stressed the need for the Department of Electronic Media in the Ministry of Information and others to include researchers in the field of brain programming and researchers in social studies in order to uncover methods that nourish children’s minds. (KUNA)

This news has been read 11909 times!

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