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17,000 people from Kuwait seek nationality of Yellow Mountain

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 29: On September 5, Nadra Awwad Naseif, an American woman of Lebanese origin, appeared in a video clip to claim that a new Arab state named “Yellow Mountain” has been established on the noman land between Egypt and Sudan, reports Al-Qabas daily.

She identified herself as the Prime Minister of Kingdom of Yellow Mountain, affirming that this state will represent a homeland for the refugees. The daily contacted the Royal Office of the alleged state, the temporary headquarters of which is in Geneva.

Political Affairs Consultant Abduelah Al-Yahya told the daily that the kingdom has received about 17,000 applications from Kuwait including 12,000 from Bedoun residents and 5,000 from other nationalities, for the nationality of Kingdom of Yellow Mountain, adding that around 6,000 applicants have already received civil numbers.

He said his country is looking forward to establishing diplomatic relations with Kuwait, indicating that a letter was sent to Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express Yellow Mountain’s keenness to launch economic and diplomatic relations with Kuwait including opening an embassy in Kuwait.

Meanwhile, Parliament Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim has announced that the bedoun law has been finalized after painstaking efforts, reports Al-Rai daily. He went on to say a number of MPs have signed the law and that it will be submitted to the Parliament after the opening of the new session at the behest of a parliamentary group. The Speaker said, “I hope there will be no provisions based on the perception of the bedoun law, and for me there is no irreversibility from this law, which once submitted there will be no such thing called ‘bedoun’ in Kuwait.” Al-Ghanim pointed to the law establishing a body to deal with ‘nationality issue’ and forgery and irregularities that have marred naturalization.

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