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100,000+ civil ID cards yet to be collected

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 18: While the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) continues to exert efforts to complete the issuance of civil ID cards for citizens and residents following the suspension of new issuance for four months due to COVID-19 pandemic, the presence of more than 100,000 cards of non-Kuwaitis has become a “snorkel” in the throat of the machines that are waiting to be unloaded in order to fill other civil ID cards, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Visitors to the PACI headquarters seen wearing face masks as the number of coronavirus cases increases. Kuwait government is planning to re-impose curfew in view of the increasing number of cases.

About half a million cards issued

According to the Director of Production and Distribution Department at PACI Jassem Al-Mithen, since the resumption of work in July, PACI has so far succeeded in issuing 858,000 civil ID cards for citizens and residents of all categories, revealing that the civil ID cards of non-Kuwaitis that were issued amounted to 484,298.

He declared that, “The commission has been successful in the last few years, and in light of the presence of hundreds of thousands of requests for renewal of civil cards of Kuwaitis, domestic workers, citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and article 17 visa holders working in government agencies in addition to diplomats, such that they are currently issued without priority.”

Current plan

Al-Mithen announced the existence of a plan that PACI is currently working on, which is to close the files for children under five years of age and issue their cards, so that all the categories of cards that cannot be issued through the application of “my identity” have obtained their cards without any problems. This is in addition to another vision that is being worked on, which is to distribute cards for non-Kuwaitis according to their areas of residence in Ahmadi or Jahra governorates in order to relieve pressure on the main center at South Surra.

He indicated that 191,000 cards were issued to Kuwaitis over the past period, in addition to 182,000 others for domestic workers, adding that there are 202,000 cards that were renewed and stacked inside the machines.

13,000 cards per day

Al-Mithen called on those whose cards are ready to visit the PACI office and collect their civil ID cards so that new cards can be stored inside the designated machines, disclosing that the authority receives more than 11,000 cards daily .

He explained that last Sunday witnessed delivery of 13,000 cards during the working hours that extended to 8:00 pm on Monday when 11,000 cards were delivered. Also, 2,515 cards were handed over until 10:00 am on Thursday.

Follow up periodically

PACI was also able to deliver 622,000 cards for all categories over the past period. It has also been keen about periodically following up the status of the civil ID cards as well as the status of the people residing inside the country through the automated linking system among government agencies. This will enable the authority to empty the machines of the expired cards and of those whose status has changed in terms of residence inside the country.

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