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10 yrs jail in brother kill


KUWAIT CITY, April 9: The Civil Circuit of the Court of First Instance sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to threeyear imprisonment with hard labor and ordered him to pay KD 42,000 to a Kuwaiti woman after he allegedly deceived her by impersonating a ruling family member and swindled her of KD 30,000. The Public Prosecution accused the suspect of swindling a Kuwaiti woman of KD 30,000 after convincing her about his ability to produce a secret financial portfolio owned by a major figure in the state. The plaintiff counsel Lawyer A h m e d Abdulkareem called for a temporary compensation worth KD 5,001 and the return of KD 30,000 along with interest because his client had borrowed the amount from the bank, which will charge interest from her. The court sentenced the accused for 3 years imprisonment with labor in addition to paying back the KD 42,000.

Mother pulls case: The Misdemeanor Court chaired by Judge Mohammad Ghazi sentenced a Kuwaiti man who killed his brother in Mishref area to 10 years in prison with hard labor after his mother withdrew the case. Detectives from the General Criminal Investigation Department (Hawalli Directorate) arrested the 1993-born Kuwaiti citizen for stabbing his 26-year old brother to death. The mother reported the incident to the police after she found the lifeless body of her son inside the family diwaniya in Mubarak Abdullah Area (West Mishref). Detectives went to scene and collected evidences for investigation and decided to question the brother immediately after noticing wounds in parts of his body. He initially lied about the injury, claiming he fell from a motorbike, but confessed later on when the investigation intensified. He led officers to a desert area where he hid the murder weapon alongside some belongings of his slain brother he had burnt at the location. He noted the incident happened due to a serious family dispute with his late brother.

Verdict upheld: The Appeals Circuit of Misdemeanor Court upheld the verdict which acquitted an officer of rank “Lieutenant” from Ministry of Interior who was accused of mistakenly killing an individual. The Public Prosecution had filed charges of negligent driving against the officer after he was suspected of driving without paying attention and crashing into a vehicle, which resulted in the death of the motorist of that vehicle and damages to that car. The defense counsel Lawyer Dalal LafiAl-Mutairi provided evidences to prove that there were no concrete incriminating evidences that showed her client was in the wrong. She stressed that the Court of First Instance made it clear of its non conviction of the provided evidence against her client.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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