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‘Check your account balance regularly’

KUWAIT CITY, July 10: As part of its keenness to promote financial literacy in society, Gulf Bank continues to support the Let’s Be Aware “Diraya” campaign for the third consecutive year – by broadcasting and spreading awareness and educational materials through social media, the Bank’s website, and other channels. Gulf Bank’s Corporate Communications Officer, Mr. Mohammad AlHebeshi, reviewed a number of tips for customers to consider during and after travelling.

This to ensure that they use their bank cards safely and to enjoy the many services provided by Gulf Bank. The tips are as follows:

■ Never share your PIN or OTP with anyone and ensure that the card is visible to you while making any transactions.

■ Ensure to carefully read the contents of the OTP message, the name of the store and the payment amount before using the OTP.

■ Ensure you have sufficient credit limits and check your account balance regularly.

■ When using ATMs, use the palm of your hand to cover your PIN number and do not ask for any assistance from anyone in the event of encountering any problems with the device during the withdrawal. ■ When making any payments, ensure to check the amount before entering the PIN number.

■ Ensure to review your card expenditures on regular basis through Gulf Bank’s website or Mobile Application.

■ In the event of losing your card, you can stop your card through the mobile banking application or by calling the Customer Service Center

■ If you encounter any problems with your cards, contact the Customer Service Center immediately.

■ It is always recommended to pay using the local currency of the country you are visiting.

■ Ensure to change your PIN number upon your return and review all your card statements. In case of any discrepancy, the bank must be contacted immediately.

The Central Bank of Kuwait, in cooperation with Kuwait Banking Association, has launched the Let’s Be Aware “Diraya” campaign in 2021, to acquaint bank customers with the most important banking services provided to them.

This is to ensure the safety of transactions and to enhance financial inclusion, as well as monetary and economic stability – through comprehensive awareness of customers’ rights and obligations. The Diraya campaign also aims to introduce the advantages of electronic financial transactions and ways to avoid the risks arising from them to achieve cybersecurity.

This news has been read 5588 times!

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