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Monday , September 26 2022

Your Highness the Crown Prince … flattering snakes is a crime

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USUALLY, the defects of a wrong decision appear during implementation. Through that, it becomes easy to fix. However, hesitation is the confirmation of the absence of will. This allows the devils to infiltrate and obstruct any detailed step that the state leadership will take later. It then quickly turns into a decline in the ability to proceed with the required and desired reform.

Hence, the stakeholders and the leadership are supposed to be fully aware that the speed of resolution is better than delay in making a decision.

Based on this fact, it is necessary to stop at an issue that needs to be resolved quickly and urgently, which is the method of voting in the elections expected in the coming weeks.

After the fateful measures taken by the political leadership, it is not acceptable to stop at a formal obstacle under the pretext of figuring out whether such measures are constitutional or unconstitutional.

In this regard, the reality is that the transfer of more than a 100,000 votes from one constituency to another is a clear falsification of the will of the voters. Buying votes is a major crime as well.

Therefore, voting with a civil ID, fingerprint, or even citizenship certificate represents a radical reform of political representation in the upcoming general elections.

In the past years, Kuwait suffered a lot as a result of this crime, which helped in spreading corruption and undermining the law, as well as portraying the country as a group of conflicting ethnicities, tribes, sects and creed.

Unfortunately, this matter was accommodated by the previous four governments, which did not work on addressing the causes of this crime.

Instead, by its hesitation and by being drawn into the game of suspicious parliamentary interests, it contributed to portraying the matter as a natural electoral behavior that cannot be changed.

The last legislative term serves as the clearest example of what the process of falsifying the popular will can lead to. It is in fact more destructive than the rigging of the 1967 elections. Its losses are much greater than the two unconstitutional dissolutions of the National Assembly in 1976 and 1986.

This is because of the establishment of a new pattern that the people have not been familiar with throughout its history, which is deceiving the people in the legislative decision-making process.

There is no doubt that the rulers, and His Highness the Prime Minister, are fully aware of the importance of resolving this matter, and not returning back to square one by hesitation in taking measures to protect their reform steps by securing the correct popular cover through proper representation based on the prevention of vote tampering, either in terms of vote transfer or buying and selling.

The scourge of Kuwait in the past three decades was caused by reluctance and the pursuit of quotas at the expense of the national interest.

However, this being the first government of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nawaf, it is considered as the real test to prove the reform will that expresses his essence and his upbringing in the care of a man who throughout his history sought to serve Kuwait with honesty, sincerity, and fear of Allah Almighty.

This requires only firm resolution so that we do not go back to what the previous four governments used to do, and in order to reassure the people that his vote goes in the right way to the one who represents him, not the other way round.

In this regard, we appeal to His Highness the Crown Prince, who is in charge of the matter, to work on addressing this problem that troubles the people. This is because flattering snakes is a heinous crime, and toxic relationships have no cure other than amputation in order to absolve the body of the disease.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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