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Young Kuwaiti women show compatriots how to … Chill

Time of depending on expats a thing of past: cafe owner

KUWAIT CITY, July 14: The young Kuwaiti women has made a vital breakthrough in the private sector and are determined to break the monopoly of this sector by establishing small and medium enterprise café ‘Chill’ with a 100 percent national management, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

A group of young Kuwaiti women are operating ‘Chill’ which serves cold and hot drinks and snacks.

The female staff at the ‘Chill’ coffee shop

They have entered the area of work which was once considered taboo by their kin – the business that was monopolized for long years by the expatriate community. The owner of the project Bushra Al-Baloshi told the daily she is a teacher of philosophy and opened the joint (Chill) with other young Kuwaiti women and serve meals, sandwiches and drinks

She added, she is proud of her work and wants to prove that Kuwaiti youth of both sexes can do all types of work since many of them had been active when the corona pandemic hit the country.

She added, the time of depending on the expatriates is a thing of the past. Al-Baloshi added she will encourage young Kuwaitis who have graduated from university to go into these types of small projects in addition to their basic jobs.

“This project I established with my colleagues through our own efforts and not through the small projects fund.” She noted that the project achieves satisfactory profits for them and that they do not shy away from serving customers sitting in their cars because “this is an honorable work and work is an honor in all cases. We hope the young Kuwaiti men and women will not spend their time without work after graduation.”

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