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You were right Abdullah … they are seceders

FOR the past seven years, Jordan has been serving as a barrier against terrorist groups and the spread of these groups in Arabian Gulf countries. Without a doubt, citizens and security forces paid a high price, especially since the kingdom has been and continues to be a sanctuary for about a million and a half Syrian and Iraqi refugees despite its limited resources. This has not weakened security control in preventing chaos caused by terrorist groups seeking to include Jordan on the list of countries under the control of what King Abdullah II described as ‘seceders’ or ‘khawarij’ in Arabic.

Therefore, the operation to eliminate the terrorist cell in Salt town a few days ago is of great importance especially in this period when the defeated terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq are searching for a new hideout or sanctuary from which they could carry out and launch terrorist operations in the region and the entire world. This is in addition to transforming the newfound sanctuary into a breeding ground for the ‘seceders’ of this era whom Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) described as “dogs of hellfire” because they terrorize people and go against the charter on sanctity of blood and people’s money.

This category deviates from the values of Islam and distorts the image of Muslims and their good faith. No matter how different the names – whether DAESH, Popular Mobilization Forces, Hezbollah, Ansar Allah (Houthis), al-Qaeda or Ansar Bait al-Maqdis – they come from one setup where they are taught about ideology, extremism and misinterpretation of religious texts within the confines of the Muslim Brotherhood Group.

Since 1928, the Arab world has been plagued by a new generation of seceders. The group tried to deceive Arabs and their rulers within a specific period, especially in Egypt when they kowtowed to Abdul Nasser before the irrevocable divorce between them following the attempt to assassinate the latter after he rejected some of their demands which were aimed at controlling State organs.

In addition, when President Anwar Sadat gave the group a chance to become a peaceful political component, it exploited the chance by establishing its cells within the ranks of the army and this resulted in the assassination of Sadat.

When the group spread to a number of Arab countries, including the GCC nations, its number one goal was to recruit and indoctrinate the next generations into believing their ideologies through the curricula. This is what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia warned about when it worked on trimming their nails. The late Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud gave a correct description of this group in his interview with Al-Seyassah in 2002 when he said, “The Brotherhood is the source of all evil.”

The black history of this group has one result – no hope for the nation to get rid of its problems except by working hard to root out all seceders, because entertaining any of their branches or those borne out of their wombs means continuation of the cycle of violence and hindrance of progress and development. The reality of the series of bitter experiences that the Arab countries have gone through should make them transform the description of King Abdullah II of this group, ‘seceders’, into a legal base to be adopted by all Arab governments.

After all is said and done, Jordan has a special status and the Arab group supports it in its war on terrorism. As King Abdullah II said, “This support will strengthen Jordan in facing such incidents and make its people more enthusiastic in cleaning the country and region; as well as protecting religion from seceders while keeping in mind the objective to break the thorn of terrorism and defeat it despite the sacrifices.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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