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You are just a number

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” — Shakespeare

In other words, you need to be true to yourself before anything else. If you are not like that, it will be difficult for you to be true to any other person.

This is natural just like the way night follows the day. I am addressing none other but you. Therefore, don’t turn left and right. Read these words with insight and do not give it a deaf ear because I will not believe that you lack comprehension abilities.

Definitely, I cannot assume you are naturally smart, which is why I write to you. Just be yourself. Whatever I am writing is for the smart people only; I hope you understand. I do not mind whether you agree with me or not. What is important is that you contemplate on what I am writing to you. I promise I will not use complicated phrases, and I will also not explain things for you. All that is needed is from you to use your smartness, insight and understanding skills.

So far, I hope there is no problem. Believe me, things will proceed whether you exist or not. Days and nights will continue alternating flexibly at their prescribed timings. The hour and minute hands will continue with their circle. Everything will continue in symphony and coordination.

Neither your happiness nor your sorrow will ever change anything as far as time — the alternation of days and nights — is concerned. You are just a moving number. You are just a statistic.

Today you are in the column of “ones” and tomorrow you will be in the column of “tens” and then “hundreds”, until your final destination and the final number that you will hold on to with your life, which is your age.

After your demise, you will enter the column of negatives. This is the way life is. It is about calculations between life and death. You are just a number and your account will be closed sooner or later. When you talk about ambitions and hope, I will talk about your past.

Kindly, do not tell me about the future while the present is still open and the past continues to spill its profits and losses into the present. Before looking into the future, you must first deal with your past professionally like an auditor and with the mentality of an administrator who is reorganizing the new organizational structure of an establishment. The most important elements that you need are the alphabets that will launch you from the past to the present and perhaps to the future.

What is most important of all is to handle the present with touches of the past and aspirations for the future. This should be done on a realistic manner, where you start the next trip of life with tools that will cement pillars for you to be in harmony with your inner self, intellectual entrustment and moral adherence of the past, and current and future aspirations.

This kind of adherence is the backbone of the realistic approach towards life. Being weary and sensitive will not do any good in your life. You will end up being an obstacle to your present self. Its effect will also appear in your future.

For you to avoid that from happening, moral inhibition and self respect are the key factors as well as dealing with what is happening to you objectively. Do not let hate and misfortune find a place in you because that will be the source of your negativity and pessimism. Instead, be the source of positivity and make sure positivity and optimism will always triumph.

Never subject yourself to hesitancy and seclusion. I have given you the moral safety locks that you need in this life. Be confidence and decisive in running your life. Be strong but not violent. Be soft but not weak. Now I wonder if you understood anything what I have been telling you.

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi
Twitter: @alzmi1969

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