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Sunday , February 23 2020

Yemen’s Hitler, evil his destiny

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHEN Abdul Malik Al-Houthi toppled the legitimate Yemeni authority, he thought no one around him will be able to face him and discipline him and his Iranian operatives. When the operation to crush Iran’s expansionism scheme in the southern frontier of the Arabian Peninsula began with the aim of liberating the coup remnants through Yemen’s national army and resistance forces with the support of the Arab coalition, the moron Al-Houthi did not find a place to hide other than the caves and tunnels.

This is exactly how his counterpart Hassan Nasrallah, Iran’s agent in Lebanon, hides. From time to time, they both emerge to launch fl aming statements, which carry a lot of pain in them. This is just like the Arab adage — “The level of scream depends on the level of pain”. It is clear to everyone in this world that Iran’s agents can only live in caves and tunnels.

This fact corresponds exactly with the thoughts of the regime in Iran, which is still living politically in the caves of the Middle Ages where expansionism illusions are generated in the darkness of backwardness, and differ tempting to portray to the followers. The best expression of the utter despair suffered by Al-Houthi amid the series of consecutive defeats of his gangs is his call to kill his opponents even inside mosques and houses of worship.

By this, he has removed yet another pseudo-Islamic mask that he has been wearing for years in the past. He has rendered legitimate to desecrate the houses of worship, which is similar to the calls made the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, whose insight had blinded him and led him into an underground bunker while suffering from the syndrome of greatness, and issuing orders that led to the murder of millions of innocents in this world. Today, the Nazi criminal scene has remerged but covered with the Al-Houthi cloth tailored by Iran for the people living in the caves of the Yemeni Hitler who take pride in being Tehran’s agents and even use the same Persian tone and accent used by Nasrallah.

However, even if the latter managed to snatch away Lebanon’s decision at a certain point in an attempt to sell half of that country to Iran, the case with Al-Houthi will not apply as he will never be able to sell Yemen, especially under the unrelenting determined resistance of the Arab coalition and the legitimate Yemeni resistance forces, which are completely opposed to Iran’s plans. This fact was the most important principle on which the international community depended for rejecting the coup and continuing to recognize the legitimate authority of Yemen. This led Iran to push towards occupying that important part of the Arab world. In fact, the international community continues to reaffirm its support for the Arab coalition, legitimate Yemeni army and the national resistance in their operation for liberating Yemen.

Al-Houthi’s call to his supporters to persecute his opponents and kill them inside mosques did not come as a surprise especially after the world saw him move under direct orders from the regime in Iran to attempt attacking Makkah and other places considered sacred to Muslims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia using Iranian missiles. For those who even consider desecrating the oldest sacred place on earth and the place where the hearts of more than a billion Muslims converge, it will be easy for them to desecrate and violate a mosque. However, since Kaaba has its Lord protecting it, it is the duty of the people of Yemen, its national army, resistance forces and Arab countries to protect and liberate Yemen from Al-Houthi gangs. The Yemeni sun of freedom is not far; it will soon rise and expose the Houthis and all other thieves


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Email: ahmed@aljarallah.com

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