Yemeni ‘coupists’ are writing their defeat


Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE hope of Houthis and Iran that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab coalition forces will be tired in the long war in Yemen has been shattered. They assumed that prolonging the conflict will prompt the coalition forces to let go of the endeavor to confront Iran’s expansionism scheme.

The militias failed to realize that this war is not aimed at achieving tactical gains, as its main and only objective is to bury the Persian scheme into the grave of absolute defeat and oblivion.

Therefore, it is natural to see the Houthis submitting to the legitimate authority and Arab coalition’s directives, in addition to the United Nations resolutions, especially when they started losing ground in vast parts of Yemen as people continue to reject them. Under such circumstances, they decided to intensify their crimes against humanity.

Today, two years after the war started, the Houthis and those backing them in Iran’s regime realized that opening a crack in the southern front of the Arabian Peninsula for them to infiltrate until they reach the Two Holy Mosques is impossible, as the Kingdom and its allies are ready to exhaust all their wealth in this course.

This is because the main target of the Mullah’s expansionism scheme is the Two Holy Mosques to enable them to create raw ground for exporting their revolution which was born dead. Their revival efforts continue to fail despite the destruction they caused the region in the past 40 years.

Some think that the shenanigans of Houthi resistance and their allegation that the war is Saudi-America aggression will never change conviction of the world towards the evil regime in Iran. Unfortunately, there are those who continue to bet on lies in some information media.

In fact, these people are betting on global political changes, especially slogans made by US President-elect Donald Trump. They think the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will submit to the will of the White House through its new administration.

They failed to realize that the incoming administration is not different from the outgoing one, as well as the way the administration led by outgoing US President Barack Obama failed for the past eight years to convince the GCC countries to align with the US short-term interests which favored Iran. Therefore, even the new administration will fail to do so.

This will happen even if Trump’s administration will submit to pressure from a faction in the US that is eager to engage in economic and commercial relations with Iran as a result of the financial crisis. This includes, even if Trump changes his mind, the nuclear deal which he said he will tear it apart.

It is not possible to impose position on the GCC countries when it comes to Iran’s expansionism scheme, because these countries have had close encounters with Tehran’s regime. They are the only ones that stood against it historically, even when global forces thought they can tame the evilness of this regime for it to stop its expansionism ambition.

The GCC countries have realized very well that relinquishment will be followed by series of relinquishments on its fronts. It will not end until the region changes culturally, socially and even religiously. It is irrational to allow the minority to dominate the region, especially if this minority is hiding behind religion in order to commit historic vengeance on the Persian empire which existed hundreds of years ago.

The spirit of Persian vengeance controls elements in the region by playing the card of sectarianism and fake grievances fabricated by Tehran’s regime since 1979. The regime exploited such grievances to gain creedal and sectarian sympathy which, at the end, brought cursed sedition and the region continues to bleed because of it.

The GCC countries have proven in the past 40 years that the GCC and Arab nations do not fall for fabricated and false slogans. This is manifested in the steadfastness in Yemen’s experience as it started smashing the Persian expansionism plan.

People in the region are now pushing their leaders to invest in confronting and defeating the Houthi group, even if the leadership of such group will accept certain settlements to maintain some spirit in the life of Houthi militias. Nevertheless, Yemenis are rejecting those settlements.

Therefore, there is no way forward for the Houthis and the ousted Saleh apart from submitting to the will of Yemenis because the team of ‘coupists’ closed all doors of opportunity on themselves. They are now captives of frivolity in the war which continues to cause them losses while they write the last lines of their defeat with their own hands.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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