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And a witness of their own folks testified

SHEIKH Ali Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah wrote and published an article in some newspapers to convey a message. The article expressed our deplorable situation under the current administration. It also envisaged part of the corrupt practices eating deep into the fabric of our current legislative institution and those of its predecessors.

The statement and points raised by our brother Bu Faisal are as accurate as described by his cousin, a deep-rooted blue blood royal. The statement was extremely sensitive to be made by a personality of his magnitude. To the best of my knowledge and observation, Sheikh Ali Al-Jaber held several high positions since his early years, and attracted our focus as a governor, which he still is.

He’s hoping the message passed will reach the recipient — the current Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak — as the issue disturbs thousands of Kuwaitis. The message simply and clearly states “the flood within the administration of your government is overflowing”. Yet, there is no initiative or ray of hope in sight to rescue us from the fast spreading corruption and lack of achievement!

The message expresses the nature of Kuwaiti leaders and their subjects who present complaints without caring about whose ox is gored, even if he partly or completely shares the blame. This is a proof that we, Kuwaiti leaders, and our subjects do not flatter. We openly say things that should be said behind closed doors, even if it hurts us. This valuable message is applicable to the Arabic maxim “and a witness of their own folks testified”. The noble family is expected to make a swift move right now … not tomorrow.

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By Ali Ahmad Al-Baghli


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