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Saturday , November 26 2022

Without any basis, the Ministry of Information will stop our breath

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We are accustomed to the media being in the hands of ministers who combined words with deeds and used the media for entertainment and enlightenment, and not to suppress feelings and darken the society that was oppressed by politicians and fundamentalist parties and met by government slumber.

The Ministry of Information is under the leadership of a minister who flirts with the sentiments of fundamentalists (the obscurant) of this country with the hope of regaining the seat of that ministry, which has been plagued by his ilk, and he insists on dragging it to the bottom for the reasons I have mentioned, but he is being asked about it.

If he personally believes in the decisions he makes, then let him pass it on himself, his home, and his children as well as those who care for them. As for us – the common people affected by their likes, we did not appoint him to suppress culture, arts, and literature in this country.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Information, under the leadership of its current minister, issued two announcements or warnings to satellite channels such as Netflix, Disneyland and others to abide by principles, morals, customs and traditions.

These media organizations broadcast their services to the entire world, but the Minister of Information has limited this world to Kuwait, the area of which does not exceed about 18 thousand square kilometers.

It seems that the minister doesn’t know that these media organizations are not available to everyone, as one must pay money or subscribe to them to watch them. The minister’s groups, who are from fundamentalist and tribal parties, have the free will to not pay money to watch the shows of these organizations. Before presenting their shows, these organizations like Netflix put up a notice declaring that the show contains dirty language or scenes that should not be seen by those under 18 years of age.

Our Minister of Information did not stop at this point, he went on to issue ministerial resolution No. 979/2022, granting the status of judicial police to the media employees of his group and his cohorts, totalling about 53 individuals.

We do not know if Kuwait, with its limited area, has turned into Al-Haram Al-Masry Street ( the Pyramids Street) of Egypt or Beirut in the old days, or Paris, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and the like.

Who will monitor these 53 employees in Kuwait the area of which is an inch by a meter, where everything is prohibited, which means the original is the prohibition and the available is the exception.

A Kuwaiti friend of mine from France checked into a modest Kuwaiti hotel, as his house was not ready when he arrived. He was accompanied by his disabled son. However, the reception of the hotel prevented him from staying there for a period of two nights because he is celibate.

We all heard about the police seizing the residents and visitors to complexes and buildings in Bneid Al-Gar and others a few days ago, and confiscating their civil IDs.

We therefore have the right to ask the Minister of Information, who made the ungrounded decision and his 53 employees – “Who will block their breaths?”.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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