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Will-power can do wonders – Syria peace achievable

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

When I picked up a pen, or to be precise, put my fingers on the keyboard to write, various issues that are worth discussing and analyzing started running through my mind. Some of the issues, not all, that are written are suitable for publishing as per the principle – “Not everything that is known is worth saying”. This is because I had long apologized that my write-ups will not cover controversial issues!

I have written articles on a series of incidents, destructions and painful things happening in Syria. I had wanted to write on the same subject but I remembered a popular Kuwaiti maxim which is – Shuraim, blow it and he replies, “My lips cannot blow”. Interpretation of this maxim indicates that a man named Shuraim was asked to blow air into a container to make it bigger and fill it with water but Shuraim apologized with the excuse that his lips cannot blow the container!

The same applies to words that are not strong enough to denounce an unfortunate incident, because the issue has gone out of hand and only a miracle or an agreement between America and Russia can resolve it. It has been established that the regime and its allies and even the opposition and revolutionists can enforce it on ground, which means that the lips of Shuraim is incapable of blowing air, due to many reasons!

I will talk about the resignation of Ahmet Davutoglu. It was supposed to be empathic in terms of the political administrative situation in the country. The indication is that there will not be another trusted personality to work in the position of Prime Minister like the way he did because the charismatic personality of Erdogan is overwhelming in the political scenario of the country of Al-Anadhoul. Despite the commitment of Davutoglu, he still remains an extra number in the political calculation in Turkey.

Due to this, Davutoglu tendered resignation as a sign of self respect and it contained fantastic and calm expressions filled with pride and loftiness. As a sign of respect for position of his friend Erdogan, he did not talk about source of the misunderstanding and avoided criticizing the political situation. He preserved respect and pride for Erdogan and himself. Only mature minds can act this way.

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By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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