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Monday , September 26 2022

‘I will always defend rulers’ – ‘Boost Kuwait, Gulf ties’

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KUWAIT CITY, April 25: “There is no one who disagrees with the legality of Al-Sabah Dynasty in their rule of Kuwait. If they are exposed to any danger, I will be the first to rush to the streets to defend them”, says former MP Musallam Al-Barrak in his speech at the dinner gathering he organized at Ardiya area, reports Al-Sabah daily.

He affirmed that he believes in citizenship and equality, and that Kuwait’s wealth must be for the people of Kuwait. He said he believes in the importance of an independent judiciary such that the decisions of a judge are not affected by pressures from any superior power.

Al-Barrak stressed that the parliamentary elections should be devoid of interferences from some members of Al-Sabah family and of political money.

He urged for enhancing Kuwaiti-Gulf relations, as the Gulf countries represent strategic extension of Kuwait.

Al-Barrak admitted he was wrong when he prioritized parliamentary tasks over political work, stressing that the work of a single individual will not produce fruits but a collective work plan is essential. He insisted that speeches aimed for electoral gains should be disregarded as they are not often in favor of the state.

He said all he wants is for Kuwait to belong to all Kuwaitis equally regardless of divisions and classifications. He lamented that each and every citizen is under the threat of citizenship revocation and dismissal from Kuwait, indicating that solutions to most of the problems in Kuwait are in the hands of the authority.

He said the sacrifice of his freedom is an extension of the sacrifices made by Hamad Al-Qatami and Al-Menais, stressing that, “This is the price of dignity and freedom”.

Al-Barrak affirmed that he will extend his hand to anyone who strives to save Kuwait, adding that he does not have feelings of hatred towards anyone.

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