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Why should government continue to kowtow to aggravators?

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

CONSTITUTIONS are social contracts for collective administration while laws are their tools. Whenever the State fails to play its role in implementing the Constitution or sealing accords, it opens doors of evil to itself and citizens. This is why democracy, throughout history, is controlled such that it is not easy to violate; thereby, avoiding its transformation into jungle justice.

It is impossible for anybody to breach or defy such agreement. Naturally, those who violate rules have no right to demand for amending them since that is tantamount to legalizing the crime. At the same time, whenever a politician makes a demand like the lawbreakers he is definitely demanding for the impossible and that will lead to weakening the State authority which is originally a tool for protecting society.

The request is possibly a joke which frequently happens in private and public gatherings, but it transforms into an indication of danger accepted in a situation where the State hesitates in defending the social contract upon which it was built or if it abandons the role of implementing the Constitution. Lawbreakers are common in all societies. They are surrounded by opportunists and those struggling to overpower their foes by acting based on the principle, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend;” or according to the adage, “It is not about love for Mu’awiya but hatred for Ali.”

Those people are using all means to beautify falsehood with a shining cover created from true slogans, so they will see the movement of people passionately standing by them. At that point, they will become proud of the sinful act such that they persistently imagine they are just accomplishing their heinous objectives.

In that case, they will not hesitate in fomenting trouble and the State will then become the victim of its hesitation. Today, majority of Kuwaitis understand this fact and are scared about their future due to the fluidity of government decision. This is in addition to unprecedented weakness in dealing officially with political negative phenomenon.

Despite its limitation, it contributes to creation of panic in society over what is likely to become of the situation if hesitation persists alongside optimizing thoughts and succumbing to intimidation. It has been long established that such actions are for selfish interest without any link to public interest.

They present several unnecessary sources of panic in noisy political auctions but these are empty barrels initiated by some individuals who succeeded in depicting the country as weak in the past. This is why Kuwaitis think the government cannot protect them. The situation is worrisome for every citizen who keeps on asking this question, “Will he be on the side of a weak government that kowtows to aggravators who move ahead each time the government hesitates in implementing the Constitution?”

Presently, efforts are ongoing to ‘reawaken’ the kind of catastrophe that Kuwait witnessed in the last few years. Although the situation is under control, it reminds Kuwaitis of what they are likely to lose in their own country. They quip, “Why is the government scared of implementing the Constitution? They are yet to find an answer.” At this juncture, a reminder of what happened in Tunisia over six years ago is necessary.

Hesitation to implement the Constitution prompted Tunisian Mohammad Al-Buazizi to set himself ablaze in a bid to protect the country. His action served as fuel which ignited what is known as the massive Arab Spring that consumed Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria. This lesson should remain in the minds of everybody in Kuwait, especially with the presence of strangers whose patriotism is questionable. Their objectives have become imaginations amplified by the ominous ‘Spring’ whose sinister intention to destroy the country is not hidden. This situation necessitates wielding a big stick against whoever plans to replace the maximum with the minimum.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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