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Why do we blame the US?

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Regardless of our opinion about Donald Trump, he’ll remain the American President for the next four years and tenure might even be extended to eight years. For this reason, we need to coexist with reality, knowing the unprecedented opposition Trump faces at home and abroad.

For the first time, we see ethnic and religious minorities, the press, artists and most politicians, including members of the Republican Party declaring their objection to the American President but the dangerous scenario has created division within the American society.

It is difficult to understand Americans who elected Trump, and it’s not easy to put myself in the place of Mexican and Canadian neighbors who are terrified by him. It’s neither easy to be in the shoes of the long-established competitors of the United States, including Russia and China that are troubled about his carelessness. It’s also impossible for me to understand the position of America’s trade partners like India and Brazil that cannot predict the destiny of their contracts with America. However, I do not care much about the traditional allies of America like the European Union and Britain, as they are capable of handling their problems.

What I care about is Trump’s policy toward our region, as it became clear that the Arab and Muslim countries have failed to meet the expectations of their citizens in preventing the world’s hatred and fear of them. They also succeeded in adopting an educational curriculum that messed up the brains of millions of youth and pushed thousands of them to embrace terrorism.

Another issue contributing to the growing rate of extremism is the spread of injustice and corruption. Save for the Arab and Muslim countries, no other nation on the globe has witnessed such high rate of dictatorial regimes.

We have failed to deal with our problems by ourselves despite the utmost patience the world has shown toward us. Clearly, we have reached the point where external powers might be useful in resolving our issues, and Trump might be the savior after all! Perhaps, his substitute would have done nothing and rather made our situation worse, though we are not certain the outcome will be in our favor.

Trump’s ability to stir up the water flow might cause our boats to sink but it’s much better than remaining stagnant.

It’s no longer acceptable the Palestinian issue has remained untouched since 1948, while the population of Palestinians continue to grow alongside their pain. I do not support Trump but weariness and loss of hope makes me imagine that our problems will come to an end with the passing of twelve US administrations that did nothing to help us. For this reason, I can only say: Welcome Trump!

It is noteworthy some people have already condemned the US administration’s decision to ban the entry of Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Somalis, Sudanese and Iran to America, forgetting that citizens of the aforementioned countries are already banned from entering most Arab and Islamic countries. Why do we blame America?

email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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