Tuesday , September 25 2018

Who is supporting DAESH?

Ahmad Al-Sarraf

Apart from the speeches of condemnation, atonement and insults, we must admit that all what is said and written that the Islamic State or the socalled DAESH does not represent the fundamentalist Islam is untrue.

From a historical point of view, the approach of DAESH is fundamentalist in all its culture and the source of ideological radical religious movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood movement and the al-Qaeda network.

It is the same ideology that separates these radical movements because of their multiple interpretations of religious texts according to the whims of their leaders based on their religious and educational backgrounds, their personal interests and their international affiliations.

This is what I have repeatedly written in more than one hundred articles that the DAESH organization is not dependent on anyone, at least intellectually and politically, but we don’t rule out logistic support from here and there.

However, almost everyone disagreed at that time and every party said with confidence gave the ‘name one country or another’ that supported this organization, from the Syrian regime to Israel, to America, Iraq, Britain, Turkey, Iran and some Gulf states.

The Islamic State leaders exerted efforts to prove to these countries one after another that their conclusions cannot be more wrong by directly and indirectly infl icting damages on them in every possible manner even loss of humans, and in some cases tens of thousands of people died, properties worth hundreds of billions destroyed, and left behind a trail of countless wounded and refugees.

Those who claim that DAESH does not represent a specific religious thought do not know the true ‘doctrine’ of the organization. They don’t realize that the organization applies the curricula taught by Al-Azhar in its schools, colleges and mosques, that is why the Imam of Al-Azhar and all other Islamic religious centers, Sunni or Shiite have refused to describe the organization as infidel or their acts sinful, but has limited its act to denouncing the brutality just to save its face.

The truth which we don’t want to disclose is that we hate each other, and we wish hell for the followers of other doctrines just because they do not agree with us. As a matter of fact if there was no control over us or if escaped condemnation, we would not hesitate to commit the most atrocious crimes against each other.

The Shiites committed such crimes against the Shiites in Iraq, and some have even killed each other as Sunnis did with their opponents. They have done the same like the Shiites, some against each other and against others other than Shiites.

Sunni Muslims in Upper Egypt have also killed Shiite Muslims some time ago in the midst of women’s cries of joy following the Allah-u- Akbar shouts from men. If any party reviewed the curricula and books of the religious centers, attended by millions of those who every morning seek the ‘religious science’ throughout the Muslim world, would find nothing different from what is called for by the DAESH leadership in relation to dealing with the misbelievers, others who embrace different religions, how to deal with men and women slaves and other provisions.

In order to put an end to this confusion in the minds of many about the fact that this organization is behind the terrorist acts — which is already spreading in dozens of countries — we would like them to ask us of a country that can convince tens of thousands of fighters that death is the only road to heaven to achieve the goals of that state? What we are seeing now on the ground is that the DAESHis are fiercely defending their positions in Raqqa and Mosul, and are ready to die for their cause. Does Iran or Israel for example have the ability to convince them to die so easily to achieve the goals of the ayatollahs in Tehran or the rabbis of Israel? From the abstract answer to this question, it is possible to know who is behind DAESH.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf
email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

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