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Who fulfils my dreams?

With the escalation of the mobilization movement and securing the jobs for relatives and friends of MPs and their followers, we have seen a wave of establishing independent government bodies, some of which did well, but most of them have remained without work. The government is now considering merging some activities into one another, or even canceling the useless ones.

Public Authority for Communications and Information Technology was established in 2014 to take over the responsibility of supervising and controlling the telecommunications sector, protecting the interests of users and service providers, and regulating the services of all telecommunication networks in the country with high efficiency, in order to achieve the optimal performance of the telecommunications sector and ensure transparency, equality and free competition.

This is good but it does not mean a lot. One of the most important functions of this body is to protect the users, to establish controls on the services these telecommunications networks are obliged to provide, and other tasks.

As a consumer, I had submitted a specific complaint but the official apologized on the grounds that this is not the work of the company and asked me to go elsewhere. I do not really know how this bill protects the interests of users through the adoption of internationally approved regulations and criteria governing the relationship between the service provider and the user, ensuring the latter have access to telecommunications services in a healthy competitive environment, considering that the user is one of the main pillars of any market and the servers do not do their duty.

The complaint is that a person sends anonymous messages in any name or different code and offers explaining the dreams of the caller for paying three dinars for every 5 or 6 minutes.

And in order to stop such exploitation for the simplicity and good faith of some users, I contacted the mother company providing the service, and requested the reduction of such services and exploitation of these arbitrators of the interpreters of dreams and exploit some of the naiveté to them, and even demanded to stop them.

I have already paid three dinars to verify the existence of the service, and refused to speak to the caller on a feeble pretext, but they did not stop for a week from contacting me every day and asked to “try their service.”

But the service provider apologized saying it cannot do anything because this service is provided by a third party, and the responsibility of the client to believe or not to believe such allegations, or propaganda.

I contacted the cybercrime department at the Ministry of the Interior, and I was told that this was not within their competence. I then remembered that the Public Authority for Communications and Information Technology is headed by an engineer and a former minister, Salem Al-Uthaina.

I did not find a response from one of its officials, who promised to look into the matter but returned a few days later to apologize that he could not do anything.

Thus the interpreter of dreams would continue to exploit the weakness of the minds of some naive users and will make considerable money before an official regulation could stop his activity.

I do not really understand how the favor of the clients is part of the responsibility of Public Authority for Communication and Information Technology while the latter is not able to stop this frivolity?

We may find a response from a silent body. We do not want anybody to know that they do not do much at all!

email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

By Ahmad Al Sarraf



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