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When logic’s missing


The National Union of Kuwaiti Students was established more than half a century ago and for a very long time remained without any declaration or legal cover.

It may continue to remain so. However, throughout its history National Union for Kuwaiti Students has enjoyed remarkable government patronage, included the participation of the Prime Minister or his representative during the inauguration of its annual conferences for so many times.

The union still receives strong financial support from the State and even has its offices in a distinctive building on the Kuwait University campus in Khaldiya.

Perhaps the reason behind all this affection, government support and interest is due to the historical dominance of this union by the Muslim Brotherhood.

This miserable union, a few days ago, issued a statement condemning the decision taken by the Minister of Education and Higher Education Hamid Al-Azmi on the need for students wishing to study overseas to pass the language tests, before proceeding abroad.

The union has also called on the minister to rescind his decision with the help of MPs Waleed Al-Tabtabaei, Nasser Al-Dosari, Naif Al-Murdas, Osama Al-Shaheen, Abdul Karim Al-Kandari, Jama’an Al-Harbash, Majed Al-Mutairi, Abdullah Al-Enezi, Muhammad Al-Huwaila, Humaidi Al-Subaie, Adel Al-Dumkhi, Ali Al-Deqbasi and Muhammad Hayef. Otherwise he will face a parliamentary grilling.

I deliberately mentioned the names of these MPs, a majority of whom belong to religious parties, in order to help the reader to figure out their situations and to what extent they are careful about public interest and to show the desire of the most of them to retain their parliamentary seats.

How can we accept the continuation of the earlier scholarship policy, according to which a high school student was sent to study in America or England, while all the indicators and reports confirmed the inefficiency of this method?

As a result of this more than 8,000 students were negatively affected and could not continue their studies because the state sent them for higher education abroad without adequately preparing them psychologically or from the linguistic point of view.

What is happening is a catastrophe in the field of education, for the future of these students, and before everything else it is a catastrophe for Kuwait.

It is said that one of the signatories to the statement issued by the student union as stated that re-subjecting students to language skills testing is a government conspiracy against tribal people! How one can issue such statements as if the Government of Kuwait is imported from Iceland!

The ruling of the court in favor of the minister’s position on the language tests is a matter of honor for all of us. We fully support the minister and we thank the Prime Minister for taking a neutral stand on this serious issue.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf




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