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Tuesday , August 16 2022

What is needed and what is not

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ONE of my close friends, who is retired and has a beautiful house in the countryside of a European country, spent about two years in that country, especially because he wanted to escape from the prohibitions of the Ministry of Health, led by the young minister Sheikh Basil Al-Sabah, who mastered the art of making our lives difficult.

While he was abroad, this close friend of mine booked a twin room in a hotel in Kuwait because he was accompanying his disabled son. It was also because he knew that there was water leakage in his house in Kuwait due to which water had overflown and filled the house.

He arrived in Kuwait late one evening, took a taxi to the hotel, and went to the reception. The reception staff confirmed that he has a reservation in their hotel, and they asked him for their passports. He then gave them his and his son’s passports.

The receptionist then asked him, “Where is your wife?”, and my friend told him, “She is not with us”.

To his surprise, the hotel employee told him he cannot provide the room for him and his son because it is not allowed.

My friend was surprised and begged the receptionist to give him the room for just one night because he and his disabled son were tired as they left their house more than 12 hours ago.

However, the employee refused. When my friend insisted on getting the room, the expatriate employee contacted the expatriate hotel manager who was in his house. The latter also confirmed the refusal and ordered the receptionist not to give the Kuwaiti traveler and his disabled son a room, even for one night.

When I heard this story, I was shocked by what is happening in Kuwait in terms of corruption, theft, looting, robbery, premeditated murder, drug abuse and several other manifestations of corruption.

Our Ministry of Interior and our Ministry of Commerce and Industry are excellent in imposing that law, which brings about disgrace and shame on those who impose it.

The hotel staff denied giving a room to an elderly citizen who is over 70 years of age and his disabled son. The biggest misfortune is that they told the Kuwaiti man that if he was a foreigner coming from abroad and alone, he would have been given the room.

Here, I have nothing to say except – “What a shame! What we need immediately is to cancel that shameful decision if it was indeed an official decision…”

Something that was unnecessary happened a few days ago in our non-venerable National Assembly, which approved countless committees but refused to approve a committee concerned with the affairs of our brothers-in-humanity (the Bedoun) or the so-called Stateless Residents. They threw the file onto the bosom of the parliament’s Interior and Defense Committee, which has been famous for decades of having members who know nothing about the interior and defense related affairs.

Their sole purpose behind running for membership in that committee is to serve their voters and the people of their tribes in receiving employment in the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense, as we see that most of its members are from the honorable tribes.

Another shock to us was the approval of the establishment of an absolutely unnecessary committee, which is the Committee of Negative Phenomena. It is one of the negative aspects of our political life since its establishment in the hands of religious extremists. God had saved us from them through their voters who did not re-elect them because their parliamentary, legislative and service performance was zero, as we have seen and we continue to see these days in a sisterly country that adopted an unprecedented civilized openness in our region.

We do not know when we will have such openness in Kuwait, which is currently empty these days.


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil