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Tuesday , January 25 2022

‘Western ideologies’ clash with Islamic identity

‘Kuwaiti citizenship amendment is against welfare of the country’

MP Mohammad Hayef

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 21: The parliamentary Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee recently approved the proposal to amend the 1959 Nationality Law as it stipulates that the Kuwaiti citizenship should be granted only to Muslims.

The committee prioritized approval of the bill because the current version of the law violates Article 29 of the Constitution stating that “people are peers in human dignity with equal public rights and obligations in the eyes of the law. There shall be no differentiation between them due to race, origin, language or religion.”

Controversy surrounds the proposal as the public and some conservative political figures have argued that the amendment is against Islamic teachings, social norms and welfare of the country. MP Mohammed Hayef pointed out this directive comes from Western ideologies which constantly clash with the Islamic identity.

Without citing any constitutional article, the MP asserted the amendment violates the Constitution and it serves no one but non-Muslims and non-Kuwaitis; warning this might break social structures. He wonders why some people are entertaining the idea that the proposal, once approved, will develop the capability and efficiency of the country’s manpower.

He asserted some Bedouns hold doctorate degrees and participated in wars, so “why don’t we draft an amendment to naturalize them considering they are our brothers and sisters?” While expressing concern over the committee’s decision which was endorsed by the government, the MP vowed to use his political tools to “protect the public and the Islamic identity of the country.” In another development, a number of MPs submitted a parliamentary request to prioritize certain issues in the legislative sessions scheduled for Nov 27 and 28, 2018.

In accordance with Article 76 of the internal parliamentary regulations and in a bid to ensure that the Assembly completes important bills within this term, the MPs requested to prioritize the following:

■ Amendment of the Social Insurance Law in relation to cases and retirement dates,

■ Report number 43 of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee on the amendment of the Social Insurance Law to stop charging interest on loans,

■ Report number 29 of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee on appointment to leadership positions,

■ Expedite completion of the Public Utilities Committee’s report on the proposed establishment of a crisis and risk management authority.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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