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‘We don’t interfere in other countries’ affairs’

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KUWAIT CITY, July 24: Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad Nabila Makram vehemently denied the alleged interference of her ministry in the decision of a company in Kuwait to terminate several Egyptian workers and its supposed comments on the laws of the country, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Egyptian Minister of State for Immigration and Expatriate Affairs Nabila Makram

Makram called on mass media and social media platforms to verify information prior to publication, follow only the official statements issued by the ministry, and be wary of those keen on destroying relationships by falsely attributing statements and then responding or commenting on such statements despite the inaccuracies. She warned that spreading rumors and instigating chaos are some ways of starting fourthgeneration wars. The ministry also urged the social media users to obtain information from its official accounts only and to verify information before posting their comments.

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