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Thursday , February 25 2021

‘We are our own enemies’


In his latest article in the New York Times, Thomas Friedman said he was watching the debate between the Democratic Party candidates for president in the next election. At the end, the coordinator asked the candidates a specific question and asked each candidate to answer it with one word: “Who or what is the biggest geopolitical threat to America today”?

Reflecting on that moment, I asked myself what I would say. It didn’t take long to decide. It’s not China or Russia or Iran. It’s us. We’ve become the biggest threat to ourselves and to our homeland.

What Friedman said applies to us as a small people in Kuwait which once represented something in its small surroundings. Recently, we have been scouring the reputation of our country, seeking personal gains at the expense of the country and do not hesitate to harm each other for the sake of position and money.

Those who promoted or even thought that we do not deserve the blessings of freedom and democracy may have been right and those who planned with them succeeded in making us reach this conviction.

What happened in the recent interrogations in the National Assembly and how many disputes have been exchanged between the deputies and members of the government and between one and another and the readiness of the majority to sell the homeland and its rights and interests and fate at the lowest prices, all showed that any other situation will not be worse than we are now, under a false and distorted democracy.

In 1993, Othman Abdul Malik al-Salih al-Mubayed, the late constitutional expert, said: “The sources of freedom are living consciences, pure hearts, and intelligent minds. If their spirit is submerged, there are no good constitutions or deterrent laws, no courts that prevent oppression, tyranny, honesty shrinks and courage vanished and cowardice prevail.

He continued saying loyalty vanishes and treachery is activated, justice disappears and injustice prevails, hypocrisy, favoritism, and nepotism become rampant and society deteriorates and falls to the bottom.

I remember this text, and wished every conscientious person to read it and think about the deteriorating situation we have come to, the bad fate that awaits us, and do we really deserve democratic life with all our determination we are guided by the compass of most of our deputies based on racist, tribal or sectarian grounds?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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