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‘We are always with LoYAC’


This article is not in defense of Mrs Fareah Al-Saqqaf, the LoYAC founder. She and her team are capable of defending themselves, but I am interested here in the thousands of young men and women who have learned a lot from them and the idea of LoYAC, and the tens of thousands who are waiting for their turn to learn the principles of LoYAC which have driven all of them away from extremism and from the malicious acts and from being soft tools in the hands of those who are hostile to Fareah, LoYAC and those who manage and work for them.

This is the core of the conflict between LoYAC lovers and Fareah on one side and opponents on the other side, that is to say the struggle over the minds and hearts of the youth.

Without exaggeration, the LoYAC team would like to attract them to love, to serve themselves, their communities and humanity, to teach them ethics and to help others and instill the virtues of volunteering and altruism in them while the opponents of “LoYAC” from the ugly bats of darkness who want to drag these young men and women towards the ideas of terrorists like ISIS and the destruction of families and death for fictitious issues, and push them to jihad in order to fill their pockets with illegal money.

LoYAC is freedom, purity, and any movement hostile to it means back to backwardness and hatred of others. What LoYAC does for Kuwait and its youth is priceless and costs almost nothing to the state, compared to what the government spends on similar youth activities, especially LoYAC’s activities and assistance extend through its headquarters to Yemen, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

Standing with LoYAC is a duty not for the sake of Fareah eyes, nor for the eyes of the rest of those who work with her, who are wonderful and fair women who do not earn a penny for their beautiful volunteer work. We stand with them  for Kuwait and its young men and women.

If LoYAC is lost, the forces and parties of extremism will inevitably take our youth to the brink of ruin, and hence the survival of LoYAC – lively and strong – is very important, if it is lost, many of our young people will be lost.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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